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Sports is good at all ages!

Sports help children and youth control anger and happiness and restrain aggressiveness. It also allows adults to look fit and

Sports is a miracle…

The physiological advantages of sports  When we do sports the lungs become more flexible. A flexible lung can hold more

Sports is necessary after diet

The USA scientists “programmed the mice for getting fat” by making changes on their genes. They fed them unlimitedly for

Do regular sports and get rid of the viruses

A research carried out by the scientists from Appalachian University for 12 weeks in the months of autumn and winter

Sports is reducing the Alzheimer Risk

The researches proved that the people eating fresh fruit, vegetables and fish and doing sports have less Alzheimer risk than

First Sports, then breakfast

According to a research, even if you eat high calorie and high fat food, the exercise done in the morning

The food that provide energy

Are one of those who often asks where his energy had gone or why he has no energy? If you

Be careful while choosing sports shoes!

Prof. Dr. Hakan Gür, President of the Department of Sports Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of Uludağ University, said