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Targeting always being in the leading position in its sector, Spor Dünyası Dış Tic A.Ş is developing products year-by-year to meet the needs of the sector. Our Group is also following closely and implementing the developments experienced all around the world. Since our development strategy is based on continuous learning and working, our Group is taking all the research and development activities seriously.

We, as Spor Dünyası, always put having a prestigious place and respect in the sector before earning money; therefore, we invest in our products and brands. Our brands have always been the sports brands followed in the sector, preferred by the people and as customary as the history of sports in Turkey. Therefore, we made providing service as the trend setters of the sports sector our foreground mission by adding long lasting new products to our portfolio every year without making any concessions at all to our line.

We, as Spor Dünyası, give paramount importance to provide goods produced by using sanitary material; show great effort in the designs of the products and take great care in customer satisfaction.

We provide service with our Marketing and Sales, Foreign Trade, Finance and Accountancy Departments at our 3500 m² Central Plaza located in İkitelli. At our factory situated in Beylikdüzü, the Logistics and Supply Chain Management, After Sale Services are coordinated.

Main activities of our Group are run from the Center in İstanbul and in order to provide better service for you, we have distributors in all the provinces of Turkey.

The most important thing for us is providing service for our customers beyond their expectations when they prefer us. That being the case, whatever position the sector is experiencing, we never make concession to our quality in our products. We are aware of the responsibility our brand requires and perform our business accordingly.