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Safety System

Do you consider how safe your treadmill should be while choosing it? We put human health forward in all our

Comformite Europeenne Standards

Our 2012-2013 fitness devices were produced in conformity with CE (Comformite Europeenne) standards. Besides all our fitness devices were produced

5 Year Engine Guarantee

Almost all of our treadmills have 5 year engine and chassis guarantee.

Dual Deck Technology

While the runners are running, they feel as if they are conquering the world. Some people describe this feeling as

EFS System

The safe slow opening system developed as a result of considering the safety of the users of the treadmills provides

A+ Energy

Our fitness products care for both you and your pocket. While choosing the fitness products, you should especially be careful

Motor Cooling System

With the Engine Cooling System, pressure or heating in the engine is protected. Thus, our product can be used for

Soft Deck System

Soft Deck system provides the joy of exercising on a soft floor. It will be an indispensible specification for the

Air Shock

The Air Shock system is an important floor system recognized by the world and should be considered by many users.

Silent Belt Transmission

This system prevents your neighbors or people around you from hearing the irritant noises while you are working out at

Spring Tech Suspension

SPRING TECH SUSPENSION technology, a patented specification, makes it possible to adjust the surface hardness according to the user with

Flex System

While developing the treadmills we offered with the most comprehensive specifications, we put user friendliness and high performance forward. Whatever