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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I be careful about while purchasing a treadmill?

While choosing a treadmill for yourself you should primarily pay attention to its engine power because the bearing capacity of each product differs depending on their engine power. It will be helpful for you to choose a product that has an engine capacity more than 10 or 15 kg of your own weight. Thus, there will be no strain on the engine of the product however more exercise you make. Besides, since the walking area determines your movement point, you should prefer a product that has at least 40 cm walking area. Our fitness products occupy only small places thanks to their being are foldable and can be carried easily thanks to their wheels.

Is treadmill a massage apparatus or is its automatic slope specification more effective?

Both specifications have certain advantages. You can feel as if you are walking on a slope walking track with its automatic slope specification. For example, when you run on a treadmill without automatic slope for half an hour, you lose 130 calories; but, when you when you run on a treadmill with automatic slope for half an hour, you lose 240-250 calories. With a treadmill with massage apparatus helps the body break fat after exercise and this results in firming. In the same time, you can form your waist line in a short time by push-ups with the help of the sit-up apparatus.

How is the band greased in the treadmill?

The band part should be greased after each 7 or 8 uses. You should grease our fitness products with our original silicone sprays. The original silicone spray has been specially developed for the bands used in treadmills. Lift the band from the middle side after you stop the treadmill. Spray the silicone on the floor from front towards back. Then, repeat the same from the opposite side of the band. Silicone spray forms a lucid, hydrophobic silicone film. While they are ensuring a spreading and greasing effect on the surface, it can protect its durability within a wide temperature range. It is odorless and provides long utility term.

Does the Elliptical trainer create a lot of noise while operating?

Since the elliptical trainer has discs, it creates a noise as a result of touching each other. “Silent Belt Transmission” system is used in our elliptical trainers that prevents the friction between then and thus ensures quite operation.

What is 3D Massage Technology?

3D Massage Technology is a system that provides multidimensional and evenly spread massage on all areas of the massage seat that combines the professional massage skills. It is designed in such a way that it provides almost a real massage made by hand by applying all expert massage technics and by being an answer to all kinds of demands. Our massage device has been developed for people living different life styles and the ones suffering from different illnesses with its eight different massage programs such as painkiller, relaxing, relieving tiredness, back & waist, easing, neck & shoulder, physiotherapy and complete program.