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Human Resources

Human Resources Policy: Our recruitment process that starts with an application form continues with interview and written tests in our evaluation center.

We do not apply any other preferences except for the capability level that knowledge, skills, experience and position requires and where the differences are transferred into richness; no distinction such as ages, sexes and university graduation during the recruitment process.

We provide opportunity for each and every employee to improve themselves. Our employees participate in the training programs held both domestically and abroad.

We believe that our most precious assets are human beings and the environment and within this context, we own the primary target of creating a healthy and secure working environment, to minimize our adverse effects to the environment and to prevent the accidents, losses and health problems related with the occupation.

Policy for Taking Time off: Our policy for time off is as follows
12 days after completion of 1 to 5 years at the workplace.
18 days after completion of 5 to 15 years at the workplace.
29 days after completion of 15 to 29 years at the workplace.

Job Opportunities: The training applications of university (for the summer term) and high school (for the school term or the summer term) students are accepted by the Human Resources Department till the end of March, every year, the evaluation results are communicated to the students as of the end of April. Full time job applications are accepted by the Human Resources Department till the end of July and the evaluation results are communicated to the applicants as of the end of August. Please send your CV to us for the recruitments for the vacant positions in the midterms. Thus, your information will be recorded in our database in accordance with our confidentiality policy and you will be evaluated primarily for the vacant positions.

Applications should be made in writing and sent to