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My life equals to sports… Ece Gürsel

“I used to be a basketball player and also played at the professional league. I am after being healthy more

Prof. Dr. Hakan Gür, president of the Turkish Sports Physicians Association Nutrition and Performance of the Sportsmen

Although successful sportspeople are the result of the combination of genetics, good training and good working out, many capable sportspeople

Sports is necessary for my heart and spiritual health… Kaan Taşaner

Becoming almost phenomena with the Erdoğan Yaşaran character in the serial called “Fatmagül’ün suçu ne?” in a short time, Kaan

A different style and sound… Yaşar

Being one of the names of the world of pop that does not make concession to his quality with his

She is totally a sportswoman… Tuğba Özay

She is sparkling on the stages after the podiums. Being interested in most branches of sports from judo to volleyball