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Sports is good at all ages!

Sports help children and youth control anger and happiness and restrain aggressiveness. It also allows adults to look fit and dynamic and have more regular and satisfactory sex life. Elderly become more popular with their fit bodies. It is known widely that sports help children and youth paramountly control anger and happiness and restrain aggressiveness and prevents distractibility. Children dealing with sports study their lessons more effectively just because they spend their excess energy by doing sports. They get less ill when compared with their peers and if they get ill, they get better more quickly. Since they own the team spirit, they do not feel lonely and they have more time for themselves. Because they use the dynamism of their age for sports when they are young, they stay away from alcohol and smoking. Transferring the excess excitement of youth to sports, ensures being calmer when approaching any problem. Besides, self-confidence and self-expression that is very important for young people increase. They are fed better because they are careful about what they eat.

Sports affect daily life positively

Adults dealing with sports can preserve their body and spirit health for many years because they can get rid of their daily stress through sports. Sports reduce the risk of having high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases that start at middle age and keeps people away from alcohol and smoking. Therefore it also delays old age. Middle aged people getting away from the monotony of the daily life get rid of their anger and problems by means of sports and as a result, they have better marriage and become role model parents for the future generations. The most important thing is they look younger and more dynamic.

Remedy for dysmnesia

Sports is not limited only with bodily capabilities of the elderly. It also affects the psychological state of the people of these ages. The elderly dealing with sports suffer less from depression that can be seen very often in these ages and they do not feel alone and unhappy. Since they keep their physical capacities till old ages, they suffer less from osteoporosis and cardio vascular diseases. They become popular and admired in the community with their fit structure. Sports help elderly increase their brain activities and thus, dysmnesia.

Sports makes life easier at all ages and increases the life quality. There is no certain age to start and finish doing sports. The important thing is choosing a suitable form of sports.