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Watch these out while exercising!

1. Before starting doing sports, your first principle should be adapting a healthy eating habit. You should follow the principle of three main courses and three snacks between each main course. On the other hand, you need to drink very often as you will lose water while exercising.

 2. You should never eat before doing sports. Never starts exercising earlier than 1 ½ hours after you had something to eat. Your tummy should not be full during exercising. You can have an apple, banana or muesli with protein or bran to suppress your hunger, if you want.

  3. Choice of shoes and clothing is as important while exercising. You should be wearing comfortable outfits that will not restrict your movements and shoes that will make your shoes feel comfortable. It will be better for the ladies not to wear any make up because they will be sweating while exercising and your make up will penetrate in your skin by means of sweat.

  4. Warming up before exercise is a must. Never start exercising before warming. Stretching and running for a short time have vital importance. Otherwise, your heart will get tired quickly and you will experience injuries.

  5. You can listen to music while doing sports. Music helps you enjoy working out more.

  6. A fruit, carbohydrate and drinks containing protein may be your preferences after exercises.

  7. If you do sports at least three days a week, you can experience the benefit of it. Your daily calorie intake should be 1500. Please do not apply too much pressure on your muscles. Otherwise, your muscles can be harmed and you may be injured, as a result.