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Use your treadmills correctly

The experts warn that if you do not choose the right shoes or run with your socks when you run on the treadmills, you will cause injuries from your feet up to your knees that are very difficult to treat.

Do not run without shoes!

One of the most important reasons of this situation is running on the treadmill with socks on  or with unsuitable shoes on.

Choice of treadmill is very important

Choice of treadmill is very important. The treadmills are manufactured with advanced technology recently but, still, some of the running bands do not have softeners tartans. Therefore, when you step on the surface of the band, the supplied power goes directly to the ankle, knee and the hips at the same intensity. These bring excess load on the cartilages of the joints, causing pain in the same places. Therefore, while choosing a treadmill, it is necessary to choose the treadmills with the bands having softeners. These softeners are ranked between zero up to eight. You adjust these to your own pace and body form. Especially in the runs, apart from walks, these bands are really important.

Do not exaggerate the duration

Besides, some mistakes are made in the utility system of the treadmills. Thinking that exercising is something very useful, they spend 45 minutes on treadmills. They spend 20 minutes of the 45 minutes by running. Such an intensive pace brings the joints excess load and causes pain. Then the cartilage cells are affected and are lost. The ideal one is walking or running not more than half an hour every other day.

It is necessary to go through a doctor control after the pain starts and obtain a treadmill utility program. I recommend people with such pain to carry on their exercise on soil or tartan surfaces. If they have to walk on a treadmill, they should walk at the speed rate of      4-4,5 for 20 or 30 minutes. However I recommend especially running.

Warm up before Sports

The deformations caused while doing sports increases when people start exercising before warming. The warming and stretching exercises performed before doing sports do not reduce the rate of deformations if exercises are performed wrongfully. They only prepare you for exercising. Besides, they are also useful for quick concentration to the exercises.

How long should the exercise last?

Time to be spent on each sports equipment is different depending on the type of the equipment. 20 or 30 minutes will be ideal for the treadmill and 15 minutes will be ideal for cycling. In the muscle workers, especially with the equipment that work the muscles of the legs, two sets of 10 times and with the others working the upper muscles, two sets of ten times can be performed with low weights. On the equipment called “moonwalk” I recommend a 15 minute exercise by starting the resistance from zero and increasing gradually. It is quite useful to perform stretching exercises at the beginning and end of the exercise. You will see that they are useful in two separate ways. The first advantage is that you prepare your muscles and tendons for sports; and the second is you increase your concentration by increasing the muscle temperature. On the other hand, breaks of one or two minutes while changing the equipment are also very useful. You should refrain from longer breaks. People should definitely have their heart rates and blood pressures checked during their work out. Healthy people and also the people with normal body weight should have their heart rates and blood pressures checked during their work out, depending on the exercise types they are going to do. Otherwise, it may be possible to experience some health problems.