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Premiero Massage Chair

Intelligent three-dimensional massage hands combines professional massage skill to the massage chair to realize multidimensional and aspect

stereo massage.Intelligent massage hand imitate professional masseur method to do the following massageaction:rub,knead,beat,flap,press ,push,hold,grab,carry,twist and scrape .The maximum stretch space is 12 CM,so this mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra that ordinary massage chair cannot extend.This method can guarantee back can get even strength massage and refresh yourself,relief fatigue ,so this massage can be on a par with perfect method of masseur.

Waist Stretch

This creative function is based on the chiro conception .It can widen the space between vertebral body to avoid bone spur and cartilage oppression on nerve ,in this way,herniateddisk and muscle stiffness problems can be solved.

Buttock Airbags Massage

Set with airbags massage equipment according to human buttock curve to completely cover and massage thigh .Air inflating and deflating of different airbags and vibration alternately can stimulate Huanzhong and Changqiang points to reduce redundant proud flesh

Extended Calf & Knee Heating

The calf rest length can be adjusted according to the users’ height.The maximum length can be stretched to 23 CM to make sure the whole body
get formfitting massage.Matched with knee carbon fiber heating skill,this calf massage can stimulate LiangQiu and Du Bi acupuncture point to promote

leg blood circulation and avoid or relieve some relevant knee joint sympton.

Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heating Function

40 -50 back heating function can relieve coldness and pain on your back,.The emissive far infrared wave length coincides with human body wave length ,so the energy can be absorbed by human cell,which can activate cell and promote metabolism.

Linkage Armrest

Armrest can automatically slide according to the backrest tile degree .When the chair is under being adjusted condition,the users can massage the hand and waist in a natural posture.

Shoulder and Arm Massage

Upper arms designed combination four airbags and stretch of intelligent manipulators, comfortably massaging Zhongfu and Tianfu points, make your upper body fully extended

Thai Sole Gua Sha Massage

Real person hand feel with advanced sole roller can supply Gua Sha massage like professional masseur .Both gently steady massage and gradually strong massage can bring unprecedented comfort and joy

Back-Waist Twist

Airbags filling and releasing on the back can drive human waist swing left and right .This move can adjust the spine to relieve muscle stiffness effectively.

Leg Airbag Massage

Different shape airbags completely pack calf,ankle and foot to bring you triplex enjoyment.Compression ,pause and release air pressure method in turn can bring you perfect comfort and harmony.

Adjustable Head Cushion Design

Human design head cushion can be adjusted freely within 10 CM to fir for different human height and give you exclusive head massage.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy with accurately positioned 8 300CC permanent magnets can improve human low-grade magnetite situation by stimulating calf reflect points.

Arm Airbag Massage

Set with 26 airbags according to human arm curve to do all-round massage to arms Yangchi,Quchi points. Three-dimension balance traction originates from inflated air bags will relax and refresh yourself from arm to palm.