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Marcelo Massage Chair

Combined with traditional Chinese medicine and advanced western technology, the intelligent mechanic massage hands continuing gather
curve data on the back and imitate professional masseur massage skill to realize multidimensional and aspect stereo massage.Intelligent massage
hand imitate professional masseur method to do the following massage action:rub,knead,beat,flap,press,push,hold,grab,carry,twist and scrape .The
maximum stretch space is 6.5 CM,so this mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar
vertebra that ordinary massage chair cannot extend.This method can guarantee back can get even strength massage and refresh your skin.

Buttock Vibration Massage
Mechanical vibration can do stimulative massage and also do pressure on Huangtiao,Perineal acupuncture point ..Stable and even vibration intensity and speed will effectively dredging the channel and regulate qi and blood to relieve fatigue.
Foot Overturn
Overturn foot supporting design can make supporting and foot turn level arc surface to guarantee foot massage comfort.

Buttock Airbags Massage

Set with airbags massage equipment according to human buttock curve to completely cover and massage thigh.Air inflating and deflating of different
airbags and vibration alternately can stimulate Huanzhong and Changqiang points to reduce redundant proud flesh.

Maximum Extended Led

The calf rest length can be adjusted according to the users height.The maximum length can be stretched to15 CM to make sure the whole body get formfitting massage.

Leg Airbag Massage

Different shape airbags completely pack calf ,ankle and foot to bring you triplex enjoyment.Compression ,pause and release air pressure method
in turn to stimulate Xuanzhong and Taixi accupoints can bring you perfect comfort and harmony.

Back Width Adjustment

“S” shape curve supporting body is a combination of back massage structure combines human engineering principle,so it can make back massage accurately positioned.The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm,with three options.

Foot Mastoid Massage

Specially set massage mastoid according foot occupoints can overall stimulate deeply on Yongquan point on foot to promote blood circulation.

Back Massage Range

Intelligent mechanical hands can move up and down on the neck ,shoulder ,back and waist.They can automatically induce human curve and the range can be as wide as 21 CM ,vertically route 73 CM,it

Thai Massage

During massage, waist stretch has effect on pulling vertebral spacing, relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness. Avoid to herniating vertebral discs and
narrowing disc space or neural foramen.

Leg Stretch

This function can stretch cartilage tissue between shanks to activate bone regeneration , relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness to keep healthy.