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Sky Plate

Motor Power & Time Adjustment : 1 hp. AC 30-180sn.
Console Display : LCD Display
Computer Functions : Time, Frequency, Amplitude, Acceleration and Exercise Position
Vibration Energy Level, Low/High
Materials : Column: Fiber Glass Board: Fiber Glass
Programme : 4×6 Pre Set, User Defined Program : 3
Amplitude Speedup
Amplitude: 0.5-3.0 mm.
Speedup: 0.8-8.0g
General Specifications : Heavy late, Silent Operation, More Comfortable Vibration,
Double Fiber Glass Cushion, Vibration Absorber and Acrylic Body, Solid Steel Board,
Economic Handle Bars, Double Panel
Net Weight : 180 kgs
Platform Surface: 586×590 mm
Dimensions : 1063x780x1568 mm
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