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NC-2000 Functional Walker

The 11.6 “touch screen TFT liquid
protective sleeve, internal shock absorbers & cushioning block
analog and digital Heart Rate Monitoring: contact and remote (with belt heart rate sensor number) heart rate monitor. Shortcuts: slope, speed, start fast, emergency stop and emergency stop buttons, ergonomic design.
Operating System
AC Adapter
Displayed Values: speed, incline, heart rate, average heart rate, heart rate, peak, average speed, elapsed workout time, rest time in the exercise, to set the time interval clock, that clock at the time, distance, passed away, the rest distance, calories, calories hours, rest calories, power, workout metabolic rate, speed startup, set to rest mode, manual setting goals, mountain climbing, fat burning, interval timing,
Device Weight and Dimensions
Device weight: 221 kg.
Board Dimensions: 1950x1050x1850 mm.
Other Features
Maximum User Weight: 200 kg
Hi-Fi stereo system, a 3.5 mm stereo
Headphone jack Plug and Play
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