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CLB-1000 Step

10.1-inch color LCD touch screen,
Time, altitude, heart rate, calories, real-time speed, maximum speed
Operating System
AC Adapter
Climbing, folds and intermediate faces three movements, including multimedia, real-time progress indicator unique climbing, infrared security protection
Device Weight and Dimensions
Device weight: 110 kg.
Board Dimensions: 1217x712x1741 mm.
Other Features
CLB-1000 is a new generation product that produces electricity stairs himself. New aerodynamic armrest adapts easily to user work habits. CLB-1000 features; self-generating control system, running, panel indicators, parameter setting, motion mode selection, multimedia entertainment, speed control, emergency stop and other functions, time display, distance, number of steps, movement speed, maximum speed limit, heart rate, calories and çevirir.zeng other parameters having fun feature mechanical energy into electrical energy to perform real-time products, audio, video and other files that can be connected to an external disk to read and steal. CLB 1000 for producing its electricity product makes it independent of external energy. Make energy savings. Most important, fitness equipment energy saving and environmental friendly devices in parallel to the development trend has lower costs property.
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