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He is not running, he is flying! Usain Bolt

Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, broke Olympics and world record by running 100 meters at 9.69 and 200 meters at 19.30 in the Peking Olympics in 2008. Bolt has been the first athlete, after Carl Lewis, that won the same two distances in an Olympics. He has been the ninth athlete and the first athlete who broke the world record for both of them in Olympic games.

Besides in the 2009 World  Athleticism Championship held in Berlin he also broke his own world record of 9.72  by running  100 meters in 9.58 right after one year on 16th August and forcing the limits of the mind. Usain Bolt has been the owner of the World record by running 200 meter in 19.19, 365 days after Pekin Olympics in 2009 World  Atleticism Championship on 20th August. Usain Bolt drew the attention in the international field when he became the world champion in 200 meter run among youngsters, in Kingston in front of his own people in 2002, when he was only 15.  In 2003, a week after he became the world youth champion, he broke youth world record. Next year, when Bolt broke the World Youth Championship with 19,93, which is still valid today, he became the first, and only up to now, young sporter that ran 200 meters in 19,93. On the other side, 2004 Athens Olympic Games have been a disappointment for him when he left the games due his injury from the previous season.

Bolt could reach finals in a great championship in 2003 Helsinki World Championship; however, he was injured during the final and ran to the finish line by limping. He improved his best time with 19,88 in 2006 in Lausanne Athleticism tournament. This was 0.02 seconds over the country record broken by his citizen Donald Quarrie.

On 3 May 2008, he won a place by running 100 meter in 9,76 second which was not only the best place but the best second place of all the times  under normal wind conditions, as well, and improved his best time by 0.27 seconds.

Running 200 meter in 19.75 in a national championship, Usain Bolt breaks this record in the end. Besides, this record makes him the third best runner worldwide after Tyson Gay and Walter Dix. In 2007, Bolt ran 100 and 400 meters consecutively in 10.03 and 45,28 seconds and obtained perfect results. He obtained his best won a silver medal after Tyson Gay by running 200 meter in 19,91 seconds. Two days later, he won another silver medal in the 4 X 100 m flat race when they broke a national record. On 3 May 2008, he won a place by running 100 meter in 9,76 second which was not only the best place but the best second place of all the times  under normal wind conditions, as well, and improved his best time by 0.27 seconds.  On May 31, 2008, in Reebok Grand Prix in New York City, Bolt and Tyson Gay, the world champion ran together for 100 meters and broke the world record belonging to Asafa Powell at a time equal to 2% of a second. After that he ran in 9,72 seconds under wind blowing at 1,7 meter/second. On 16th August, Bolt renewed his world record with 9,69 at the final of 100 meter run in 2008 Peking Summer Olympics. Thus, he was the first Jamaican that won a gold medal in sprint distances. Bolt lowered his face and opened his arms when it was 30 meters to the finish line and most possibly he missed a bigger record. On 30th April 2009, He was slightly injured as a result of a pick on his left foot due to a traffic accident he had in Kingston, capital city of Jamaica, his home country. He broke another record which was for 150 meter for 26 years, in Manchester on May 19, 2009. This was his first race after his traffic accident and he broke Italian Pietro Mennea’s record broken in 1983 for 150 meters in 14,80 by lowering this to 14,35 seconds. Marlon Devonish was the second runner up in the competition. By lowering the record of 9,69 to 9,58 in 2009 World Athleticism Championship, he put his signature under the record that was claimed to be unbreakable and got the medal for the first place. 3 days later, he lowered his own record of 19,30 to 19,19 and was awarded with a gold medal. He became the first athlete that doubled both the Olympic and world championships for 100 and 200 meters one after the other. Usain Bolt is 1,95 meter high and 94 kilos. He can complete 100 meters in 35 steps.